• “She has tremendous technical facility, a laudable ability to bring out a work’s narrative arc, and a great deal of coloristic resource… you got the distinct impression that this is an artist who is honest, responds with spontaneity to the music as it’s happening, and who is unafraid to take risks to get her musical thoughts across.”

    ––Palm Beach Arts
  • “In her mid-20s, she is one of the most engaging and promising rising stars in the musical firmament.”

    ––Times Herald-Record
  • “In this performance, Dong extracted every last ounce of energy where needed and gentle nuance when required. The audience held its breath in rapt attention to this amazing musical experience.”

    ––Palm Beach Daily
  • “Fei-Fei Dong is already marketable as an accomplished pianist, well trained, with generally good musical instincts and a winning stage presence.”

    ––Dallas Morning
  • “She displayed a natural musicality and beauty of tone; I enjoyed her fluid technique and her presence at the piano.”

    ––Cincinnati Enquirer
  • “The 22-year-old Chinese pianist played with exceptional control of dynamics and articulation, and she gauged the second movement’s conflict with the strings to striking effect. Given Dong’s bountiful gifts and passionate immersion into the music she touches, it should be intriguing to hear how she approaches the Beethoven fourth – and other works – in a decade or so.”

    ––The Plain Dealer
  • “Fei-Fei Dong teamed up with the Brentano in a Brahms Piano Quintet that made most of the right gestures, if not always in the right degrees. There was passion, piquancy and tenderness, and every one of the five musicians lent eloquent nuances.”

    ––Dallas Morning
  • “Dong’s unforgettable Beethoven Fourth stretched the dimensions of the music’s time and space with risk-taking rapture… It was illuminating, poetic Beethoven…”

    –-Huffington Post
  • “The evening’s highlight, an excellent performance of the popular Edvard Grieg Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 16, featured the young and remarkably talented Fei-Fei Dong as soloist.” “…performed by Dong with steely precision and poised expression. She showed great rhythmic control and played her solo passages masterfully…”

    ––Cleveland Classical

    13 March 2014

    Pianist Dong makes thrilling, important Florida debut

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    October 16, 2016

    Colossal and Gracious: Fei-Fei Dong in Recital


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